Pet Oral Care

Proven Effective

When you take care of your pet’s dental health, you are promoting good overall health. Dental disease causes discomfort and can lead to diminished appetite and weight loss. As well, bacteria from dental disease can travel into your pet’s bloodstream, affecting the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and nervous system.

StrixNB is proven safe and effective in maintaining and promoting good oral hygiene. Made with patent-pending technology, StrixNB uses food grade ingredients that are safe for everyday consumption.

Make it a Routine

Just like caring for our own teeth is an everyday function, the same goes for dogs and cats. It’s important to select a routine that you, as a pet owner, can conveniently take care of every day.

  • StrixNB toothpaste: Brushing is the gold standard when it comes to oral care, but can be a challenge to do on a daily basis. Aim for two to three times a week supported by a daily rinse or spray.
  • StrixNB water additive (liquid): Simply add to your pet’s drinking water every time you refill the bowl.
  • StrixNB water additive (powder): An option for multiple and/or large dog households that comes in a concentrated powder form, to be pre-mixed before serving to your pet.
  • StrixNB oral spray: An alternative to StrixNB water additive, spray once or twice on each side of the mouth, twice a day.


All StrixNB products are registered with Health Canada’s Low Risk Veterinary Health Products (LRVHP) program. LRVHP has a list of products that are considered to be admissible substances – click here to read more. They represent a low risk when used appropriately, and Health Canada considers it unlikely that they will pose a health risk to animals.